Escape the Ordinary - Here Are the Best Games Like It Takes Two!

  • David Martinez
  • Mar 22, 2023
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Escape the Ordinary - Here Are the Best Games Like It Takes Two!

Are you a fan of It Takes Two, the delightful cooperative platformer game developed by Hazelight Studios? If so, you know that it’s an absolute blast to play with a friend. But what if you want some variation from time to time? Don't worry – there are plenty of games like It Takes Two out there for you and your gaming buddy to enjoy.

A Way Out

If you're looking for another co-op experience with plenty of action, first up is A Way Out from Hazelight Studios. Like its predecessor, A Way Out features split-screen gameplay that allows two players to control their own characters as they fight their way through this thrilling story-driven experience. You'll need teamwork at every turn, as each character has unique abilities that can help them progress in different ways. Whether it’s distracting guards or constructing makeshift bridges – working together is key!

Overcooked 2

For those after less intensity but no less excitement, Overcooked 2 is perfect for filling up your gaming plate with laughter and joy. In this cooking simulator, two chefs work together as they race against time in order to prepare meals while avoiding obstacles along the way – all within a variety of wild kitchens! As if prepping ingredient orders wasn’t enough pressure already.

Overcooked 2 game

Rocket League

If couch co-op isn't your style, then keep Rocket League in mind – an epic vehicular soccer game where cars battle it out on giant fields while attempting spectacular goals using rocket boosters and midair tricks shots (if you're good enough!). While Rocket League supports online multiplayer as well, playing against friends on a single console makes this intense experience even more fun since each player will have full control over their vehicle without having lag getting in the way.

Lego Worlds

Maybe even crazier than running around various kitchens is diving headfirst into Lego Worlds! This sandbox-building game allows two players to explore vibrant blocky landscapes made entirely out of Lego blocks whilst gathering resources such as gold bricks or studs in order to buy new vehicles or characters, which can then be used for further exploration or construction projects alike! What better way is there for a pair to unleash their creativity?

Donut County

If exploring isn’t really your thing, then how about hopping into Donut County instead? An odd yet entertaining puzzle game set inside raccoon-infested holes where each level acts like one giant physics sandbox – players will dig their way through different environments while collecting objects scattered around them along the way! Who knew underground vacuuming could be so much fun?!

The Division 2

Craving something more serious? Then look no further than The Division 2; this open-world shooter features realistic gunplay mechanics combined with RPG elements that allow both single-player & multiplayer gamers alike to team up against AI enemies in raids filled with intense firefights leading up to exciting boss battles! Even though it’s not exactly family-friendly material, it still offers plenty of thrills throughout its campaign mode which makes it worth playing regardless.

The Division 2 game

Dead by Daylight

If none of these tickle your fancy, perhaps Dead by Daylight should do the trick instead; this asymmetrical horror survival title pits four survivors against one powerful killer whose sole objective is hunting down his unsuspecting prey one by one using his special abilities (think Freddy Kruger). Fearful tension fills every match as each survivor attempts to evade being caught while helping others escape, too – talk about nail-bitingly spooky!

Super Mario Maker 2

Moving away from 3D environments into side-scrolling adventures, next we have Super Mario Maker 2 – Nintendo's classic platformer series reimagined with endless possibilities thanks to robust level creation tools that allow gamers to craft almost any type of stage imaginable (from traditional Mario levels right onto giant obstacle courses!). Plus, when playing cooperatively, both players can help each other reach new heights by bouncing off one another or combining forces for powerful combo moves!

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Lastly, we come across Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime – a fun indie title that stars four space explorers who team up aboard a neon pink spaceship as they traverse dangerous galaxies rescuing adorable animals along the way (aww!). Players take charge of ship systems such as guns, turrets, or engines via individual terminals spread throughout the ship interiors requiring constant communication between teammates if they wish to stay ahead of enemy attacks or dodge asteroid obstacles!

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Finally, there’s Keep Talking, And Nobody Explodes, which do away with traditional controls altogether; here, two players must communicate verbally in order to disarm an explosive device before time runs out. Without actually seeing it themselves first hand either – talk about stressful situations gone wrong quickly! With its unique concept & creative puzzles, guaranteed hilarity ensues when like-minded friends group up & try tackling any bomb thrown at them together – there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else, either!

So whether you prefer lighthearted romps across crazy kitchens or intense confrontations with evil killers, there are tons of great alternatives available right now capable of replicating (if not exceeding) what It Takes Two had originally offered gamers back when released back then, so go ahead & pick whatever catches most interests first & soon enough everyone will find themselves having loads upon loads hours worth pure entertainment afterward, no doubt whatsoever!

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