YouTube Rolls Out a Massive UI Redesign across All of Its Platforms

  • David Martinez
  • Oct 22, 2022
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YouTube Rolls Out a Massive UI Redesign across All of Its Platforms

Just like almost every other seventeen-year-old teenager, YouTube is constantly looking for new ways to express itself and its individuality, which is why it is currently undergoing a massive visual transformation. The popular video-sharing service has decided to update its look and feel with a new UI redesign that spans mobile devices, the web version, and Smart TVs.

Here are the main improvements:

  • Ambient mode lighting. This new visual effect dynamically changes the page color to adapt it to the content in the video. This feature will roll out to the web and mobile YouTube versions and should be available to anyone using the dark theme.
  • Dark theme. The dark mode of the new YouTube interface has now become deep black, with no gray tints to bore your eyesight. It, too, will be available on the web and on mobile devices, as well as on Smart TVs.
  • Redesigned buttons. YouTube links in video descriptions have been replaced with buttons, making it easier for the user to locate and click. The controls for most common actions such as like, dislike, share, and download have had a makeover and have been made smaller not to distract the viewer. The subscribe button has been redesigned into a new shape and high contrast, making it stand out nicely. While no longer red, it is still very easy to find.
  • New mobile app features. A couple of new tools have been added to the YouTube iOS and Android apps. These include the pinch-to-zoom feature that lets you take in more details of the video and the precise scrolling option that makes it easier to locate the right moments in the video. The latter is also available to web users.

While none of the above changes are particularly new or groundbreaking, they do make for a much smoother and more consistent experience.

What do you think of the redesigned YouTube UI? Do you like it? Speak up in the comments below!


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