What to Know About New Telegram Update

  • David Martinez
  • Dec 09, 2021
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What to Know About New Telegram Update

Telegram has recently launched a new version 8.3, which provides us with a bunch of new and very useful features. The update helps to secure your account even more.

Now you can delete whole days of messages in private chats, simply click the calendar and pick the days you don’t want to see anymore.

Improved privacy settings in groups or channels now let you restrict saving content in the settings, which means that no group members can share, screenshot, or forward any content.

If you want to join a certain channel or group, now you might be contacted by its admins. The feature will soon allow you to see from which group the request comes and when you have applied to join it.

Keep yourself anonymous by commenting under any posts as a channel you own. Tap on your avatar before replying and choose a channel name instead.

Users with two-factor authentication get a new way to log into their accounts. Now you can pick to either receive a code by voice call or SMS or select to enter the last several digits of the phone number, which ensures the login process.

Telegram decided to make desktop access a little bit easier. Now, to sign in to your account, you can use your phone to scan a QR code, which makes the whole process less complex. A new feature also allows setting the app to end old sessions on other devices after some time.

For Android users, the company has rolled out a set of new individual chat themes, firstly seen in v8.0.1. You can make the backgrounds of your dialogues more colorful and interesting.

To know more about the update, you can visit Telegram’s blog post, which sends a message with each expansion. There were some additions made about the app on iOS, as Telegram mainly focuses on Android systems, but all of the main updated are available on all of the platforms. 

Do you like this new update? What features are you excited to use? Share your opinion in the comments below. 

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