Verifying Your Identity and Employment with LinkedIn: A Free Solution for Job Seekers

  • Jennifer Smith
  • Apr 12, 2023
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Verifying Your Identity and Employment with LinkedIn: A Free Solution for Job Seekers

With the job market becoming more competitive, it’s increasingly important to stand out from other candidates. That’s why LinkedIn is offering a new way for users in the US to verify their identity and employment without any cost. Through this partnership with CLEAR, a secure identity platform, you can display your verified government ID on your profile, showing potential employers that you are who you say you are. 

To get started, all you have to do is provide your government-issued ID and phone number. Once this information has been verified by CLEAR, a “Verifications” section will be added under the “Connect” and “Message” buttons on your profile page. This will include a checkmark next to a “Government ID” banner confirming that your identity has been authenticated by an external source. Additionally, if someone visits your profile, they will see that verification as well; thus giving them peace of mind when considering whether or not they should hire you or connect with you professionally. 

In addition to verifying one's identity through government documents, users around the world also have the option of verifying their place of employment using company email addresses. This works by entering a unique code sent directly to their company email address into LinkedIn's system. Once completed, it should show up on one's profile, confirming where they work. As there are over 4 thousand companies already enrolled in this program worldwide, it is quite easy for many professionals already part of the larger job marketplace, such as those found in IT departments or higher education fields like nursing or teaching, etc., and so forth, verify easily without much hassle whatsoever.  

Overall this new feature from LinkedIn provides an excellent solution for job seekers who want extra assurance when presenting themselves online, allowing them to easily show potential employers that they are indeed who they say they are without having to spend money getting certified, which would otherwise require additional fees paid out for authentication services such as background checks, etc.

 With more companies beginning to use LinkedIn within their hiring process – these new verifications could be useful tools used throughout recruitment cycles going forward, ultimately helping individuals get hired faster at no cost!

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