Elden Ring Anniversary Passes Without DLC Announcement

  • Jennifer Smith
  • Mar 01, 2023
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Elden Ring Anniversary Passes Without DLC Announcement

Elden Ring celebrated its first anniversary on Saturday with a live event in Stockholm, Sweden. The event featured prize giveaways, a PvP tournament, and Elden Ring trivia. However, fans were disappointed when the night ended without announcing the much-anticipated DLC they hoped for. Despite this setback, there is still hope that more content will be revealed soon based on hints from the game’s director and updates to Steam’s database.

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki said during his acceptance speech at The Game Awards that he wanted to do more with Elden Ring and hinted at potential future content for the game. He also stated that he was “thrilled” by how popular it had become since its release last year. This was reinforced by Bandai Namco revealing that Elden Ring had surpassed 20 million units sold – further evidence of its success and popularity among gamers worldwide.

In addition to Miyazaki's comments, data mines from late last year indicated new maps might be coming soon; some even speculated about a ray tracing update being implemented in an upcoming patch or expansion pack (though this has yet to be confirmed). Last month there were updates to the playtest branch, which left many anticipating an imminent announcement of more content; plus, in February, Steam’s database contained images along with prices and sample text, which further fueled expectations of a big reveal happening at the anniversary event on Saturday night – but no such luck!

Many players are still optimistic about seeing more content added eventually, whether through future patches or perhaps even an upcoming expansion pack similar to what we saw for Dark Souls III back in 2016/2017 (The Fire Fades Edition). Moreover, it should be noted that Bandai Namco usually takes its time when developing additional content for its games - so it could still happen sooner rather than later!

Ultimately only time will tell if we'll see any official DLC announced for Elden Ring anytime soon – but until then, fans can take comfort knowing that whatever does come out should have been meticulously thought out beforehand and polished up before the release date. As always, with these types of things, patience is key - but hopefully, we won't have too long longer to wait until something exciting finally arrives!

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