Disappointing Android Auto Update Already in Play Store

  • David Martinez
  • Apr 11, 2022
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Disappointing Android Auto Update Already in Play Store

Google continues to develop its unique Android Auto app. When you connect your portable device to your car, you can access some of its features on the car’s display. It’s useful when using maps and GPS, listening to music, and making phone calls. Beta testing of this service update was noticed a long time ago, and now it is available in the Play Store.


However, don’t be overly optimistic. Unfortunately, there were no visual changes to the interface. When it first became known that Google was working on an update, there were rumors that a new IU, codenamed Coolwalk, would be added. As we can see, it did not happen. Recall that the last visual changes in Android Auto took place back in 2019. Although the developers have not yet released a full changelog, it is clear that all the innovations in the 7.5 update took place “inside” the app.


Some testers were able to try out a working version of Coolwalk at the beginning of the year. They noted that dealing with interface elements has become more convenient. Some functions were hidden by long-pressing the buttons, and information about the signal level, battery charge, and so on was placed at the bottom. Back then, the new interface raised many questions, as quite a few bugs were discovered. Probably, the developers did not have enough time to finalize it thoroughly, so they didn’t release it with an update.


Some experts believe that Coolwalk may be one of the discussion topics at the Google I/O conference scheduled for May. There has been no official info in this regard yet, so we are all waiting for the company announcement. However, you can install the 7.5 update on your devices now, as it gradually becomes available in all countries. If you have already tried it, please share your thoughts. Do you wait for IU changes, or are you satisfied with everything?

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