AutoCAD 2024 Introduces Native Apple Silicon Support

  • Jennifer Smith
  • Mar 30, 2023
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AutoCAD 2024 Introduces Native Apple Silicon Support

Autodesk, the developer behind the popular 3D modeling software AutoCAD, has announced that its latest update supports Apple silicon chips natively. This means that Mac users can take advantage of improved performance and design automation enhancements available in this release of AutoCAD.

According to Autodesk, its new version of AutoCAD allows for twice as much performance compared to earlier releases on M-series chips from Apple. The new version also introduces machine learning capabilities and design automation features across both Macs and PCs. These features make it easier for designers to create more complex models faster than ever before. Additionally, the new version includes a number of bug fixes and other improvements, which all help to provide users with an overall better experience when using AutoCAD 2024.

The latest update of AutoCAD not only provides better performance on M-series chips but also brings improved machine learning and design automation across computers and laptops running Windows or macOS systems. The upgrade includes modernized drawing tools, such as new sketching tools and an updated 3D visualization engine which helps Mac users create more immersive designs with faster rendering speeds. Additionally, there are a number of new features, like enhanced customization options on CAD drawings, to make designing easier than ever before.

All these additions are designed not only to make working with designs quicker but also more accurate so that final results look exactly how they were intended by the designer themselves.

In conclusion, Autocad 2024 is a great update for anyone who uses CAD programs regularly on their Macs or PCs – whether they be professional engineers or hobbyists alike, as it offers improved performance across multiple platforms along with useful features like multi-touch gestures and voice commands integration making navigating menus easier than ever before. It is clear that this release was designed specifically with user experience in mind allowing them greater control over their projects without compromising accuracy, thanks in part due to the addition of 3D printing support within the program itself.

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