A New Way to Access AI on the Go: Petey Brings GPT-4 Model to iOS

  • Jennifer Smith
  • Mar 31, 2023
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A New Way to Access AI on the Go: Petey Brings GPT-4 Model to iOS

Innovation is often seen in the tech world, and this month we saw a new development with watchGPT (now known as Petey). This app brought OpenAI’s smarts to Apple Watch users. It was quickly renamed by Apple due to its use of GPT in the name, but that hasn’t stopped its popularity from soaring. Now, a much-requested feature for Petey is about to come true – an iOS version of the app.

Petey has been available on Apple Watch since March and quickly rose up through the App Store charts, becoming one of their top paid apps just weeks later. The latest update included the powerful GPT-4 large language model AI technology along with quick prompts and other features that have made it popular. With these capabilities already available for watch owners, iOS users can now look forward to getting their hands on them too!

Those interested in being among some of the first to try out Petey's beta version can sign up now. No exact date has been given yet as far as when it will be released publicly, but everyone involved is very excited about what lies ahead! Developing an AI app such as this takes time and dedication, but it looks like all involved have put in great effort so far into making sure that both iOS and Apple Watch users get access to a great experience right away.

Not only does this new addition provide convenience for those wanting access to Artificial Intelligence whenever they need it, but it also makes sense considering how many people are already using iPhones – and, more importantly – Apple Watches around today's tech world. Having access to both platforms would definitely make life easier when needing help completing tasks or simply asking questions about different topics. Allowing developers worldwide more opportunities when creating projects involving artificial intelligence adds even greater value.

At present, there are no other applications like Petey which offer similar capabilities across both platforms so easily. Therefore, having such an amazing tool available for those who want AIs at their fingertips can truly benefit anyone looking into utilizing machine learning or deep learning technologies without having extensive coding knowledge or resources dedicated solely to developing custom solutions. In conclusion, with more developments expected soon, keep your eyes open because you never know what might be coming your way next!

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